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Non NHS Services

Certificates And Forms

Private sick note  £20.00
Passport form / photograph  Not available
Driving licence photograph  Not available
Freedom from infection certificate  £25.00
Provident association claim form (BUPA, PPP...)  £25.00
School fees insurance claim form  £20.00
Letter to university or school  £20.00
Sickness / Accident insurance benefit claim form  £25.00
Firearms certificate  £150.00
Health club - patient fit to exercise  Not available
Power of Attorney  £150.00
Guardianship / Adults with Incapacity  £250.00

Medical Examinations And Reports

Fee for medical consultation - private patient per hour £200.00

GP Report for Medical Insurance £150.00
Targeted Report £50.00

Pre-employment medicals; LGV, PCV, taxi driver, elderly driver fitness certificate, fitness for sport, fitness to attend school, seat belt exemption, as follows:


1. HGV: £150.00
2. Extract from records: £50.00
3. Proforma, no exam: £50.00
4. Detailed written report, no exam: £100.00
5. Comprehensive examination and report: £250.00

Access To Records Under Data Protection Act

Computerised records  £10.00
Paper records  £50.00
Combination of paper and computerised records  £50.00

Travel Abroad

Fitness to travel certificate  £25.00
Holiday cancellation certificate  £25.00
Private prescription for drugs required solely for purpose of travel  £25.00
Certificate allowing medication onto a plane  £25.00
Travel clinic administration fee  £25.00
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